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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pushing the envelope

I kinda put off the workout today until after 2:00, and then decided to shake it up a bit. I thought I would do a shorter workout but make it more intense.

We have a park that is part of our neighborhood that is a great size -- not too big, not too small (see photo above with the path outlined and a house labeled to give a sense of dimension) -- and I took the dogs, my phone which has a Walkman and a stopwatch (among many other things) on it, and take to the park and do a more intense walk/run with the emphasis being on the run.

The first couple runs, I went once around the entire park without stopping, then walked for two minutes, then another run around the entire park. Then I'd follow with another one and-a-half to two-minute walk, and the majority of the runs were half the park. Just intermittent back and forth. In the midst of that, I did one more full run around the park without stopping.

I couldn't freakin' believe it! I've run the park before with my BFF ColoradoChick, but we are still in week 1 of the Couch to 5K which has you run for one minute, walk for 90 seconds, intermittently. Usually the first run I feel like I can do longer than a minute, but by the end of the circuit I'm dyin'.

Of course in my exercise today I walked for a bit longer, but then again, I was running longer too. Every half-park run I did was over a minute each time, usually closer to 90 seconds.

Overall a good workout.

The EXCELLENT part of it was I downloaded my GoWear Fit and out of 43 minutes of activity, 23 minutes of it was vigorous -- MORE THAN HALF!

Can you say WOOT??


  1. WOOT WOOT! You go girl!!!!

    I am still in the 1st week of the couch 2 5k I cant go any further without feeling like I am going to die!

  2. I hear ya. Stupid me can't even figure out how to dump the music onto my MP3. I had to wing it. :(