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Friday, July 10, 2009

Using my tools


I got this GoWear Fit to start logging what I'm doing and the food I'm eating. So far I've been downloading the info on the energy I've been exerting, but I had stopped logging food and weight -- obviously because the former wasn't good and the latter was reflecting it. They finally put a feature on the graphs where you can hover your cursor over a specific day of data on the weight graph and it'll give you the date (something it didn't have the last time I posted my weight). I hadn't posted my weight since May 22. Yes, May 22. About six weeks ago.

I just started again yesterday after I got my fill -- starting over, as it were. Starting weight was 232.5 (which I consider a blessing after my mini vacay and eating not so great as 232.5 was what I was before I left), and as of this morning it's 231. I usually do pretty well after my liquids and mushies, about 5 pounds or thereabouts, so by Monday I ought to be (hopefully) close to that.

I know that for me specifically (and likely others generally), if I don't track what I'm eating, I go crazy. I also lose accountability to myself. If I don't log that ice cream, it didn't exist, right? Yeah... that's not working out so well.

So for this next month, I'm going to stay true to myself and log what I'm doing and the weight loss (or gain) that results. Hiding from myself just doesn't work because the evil of my deeds shows up anyway.

I'm feeling so psyched that at 11:30 last night I did 100 sit-ups and then took the dogs outside and I ran the sidewalk back and forth for about two houses in each direction. I got four additional minutes of vigorous exercise to add to the 11 I got from my walk/run earlier in the day. And I'm finding with each run, I'm able to go longer and longer (initial run, that is -- subsequent runs are a bit more challenging).

So I leave for Ocean City today and a weekend of fun with a girlfriend. The good news is I'm on mushies so I can't do as much damage. The funny thing is, she can live on mashed potatoes herself, so I guess we'll be freaking out our wait staff for two days. :)

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