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Friday, January 1, 2010

Another New Year is here

Well, I'm down about 68ish pounds (depending on when I weigh in), and that's good.  However, I'm not quite halfway to where I wanted to be.

This is the year to get to goal -- or at least within a healthy reach of goal.

My basement should get done, I'll be going to classes four days a week (which means the GYM four days a week), and I got my new toy, and I'm determined to run a 5K this year... so it's time to ramp it up a notch.

Here's to seeing my new self and all my friends on the other side.


  1. WOW! Half way is kicking butt! Seriously - now you have 2010 to get you to goal - and you can totally do it with everything you've put in place.

    Happy New Year Beth!! Hope 2010 is a goodie for you.

  2. You are definately ready to kick butt!