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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Doctors and teachers and fills, OH MY!

I am finally getting another fill in the morning, and none too soon.  You know you need a fill when the dog is lookin' good.

I don't know -- either I really loosened up after finals finished (and I got my .4cc fill) or he misjudged again and maybe took more out.  It's hard to tell.  However, I can say that going from NEVER being hungry for four months to feeling hunger again -- I no heart that.  Though not "starving," the hunger has really driven me crazy this month.  I'm not sure what he'll be doing tomorrow, but a fill is DEFINITELY in order.

And though it's hard to believe, classes start again on Tuesday.  Is it a bad sign when you talk to one of your new professors and, upon telling him you're taking 18 credit hours, he laughs at you?  o_O  Not quite sure how to take that, lol!  But yes, boys and girls, it's back to the grind.  Last semester I took 17 credit hours and got two A's and three B's (came thisclose to making the Dean's list again, but I only made a 3.42) -- but that was with only five classes.  This semester it's one extra credit hour, but it's SIX classes.  I think I'm certifiable.  No, no... I'm certain of it.  I'm one fry short of a Happy Meal.  WTH am I thinking?  Oh well...

Okay, so this means that as of Tuesday, my exercise starts back up in earnest.  Though I didn't exercise in the traditional sense during my time off, I was busy and active nearly every day, often logging more than my 2250 calories-exerted goal.  I can't believe how much stuff I got done during my break!  It makes it seem like way more than 33 days went by.  But it feels good and I feel like I accomplished something, especially considering in the "old days" I would have simply stayed online playing Mafia Wars and other video games all freakin' day while watching trash tv.  Instead, I got rooms cleaned, closets cleared and organized, stuff donated, flooring laid, trip taken to see the folks, and I'm sure some other stuff I missed.

The one good thing about having so many classes this semester is that I will be on campus four days a week.  Not that that in itself is good, but that's one extra gym day for me if I choose to work it like that -- Mondays I start at 10:30am, and I like to exercise before school, which means an early morning for me unless I exercise in the basement. 

Ideally I'd like to step up my exercise to five days a week.  Also for 2010 is my commitment to myself to start logging meals and really keeping track of what I'm doing rather than just "playing" at it.  When I was exercising my ass off, I wasn't seeing the scale budge.  Maybe the inches were improving, but I wasn't really keeping a good tab on that.  The result:  Upset and much swearing that the scale wasn't budging.

So for 2010, my plan is to enhance what I started in 2009, improve upon some things I let slack, and exercise a bit more -- especially in my "new" basement.  I really need to be accountable to myself and track what works and what doesn't, and make sure I'm recognizing all my progress -- which will mean not JUST focusing on the scale.

Here's to a new year and an improved me.  I want this year to be the year I do a 5K AND get to goal.  That's all I want.  Well, that and my mom and dad's new dog:



  1. I hope the new fill kicks in for you. It's a horrible feeling when you go from feeling no hunger to having it back - that's when we really feel the difference!

    Cute little dog .. big aww..

    You sure are taking on a lot with your studies and it's sure to keep you out of mischief. Good luck with them!!!
    HEHE my validation? Woffer.. (woofer!) Far out.

  2. I understand why you might want to eat that dog, it is totally delish!!!!
    Good luck with the fill...

  3. Thanks, y'all. I'm leaving in about 15 minutes, and none too soon. You are right, Cara -- it IS horrible to go from absolutely NO hunger to feeling any at all (which only intensifies the feeling since we hadn't felt it for some time).

    As for the schooling, omg, I'm a freak. But I felt that if I hit it hard at the beginning and knocked out more credit hours, I could take it a bit easier at the end. I came in needing 61 of 120 hours, so this will knock out 35 in two semesters. I'll graduate either in December or next May depending on one class I have.