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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Podcast info

For those who might also be interested in the Couch-to-5K program, there are some individuals out there who have created some cool podcasts to help ease you into it.  They have you doing intervals of walking and running, steadily increasing the runs each week until it blends together.

I've just started week one of Robert Ullrey's podcasts, but when I went to go look it up to share the link here, I found another that might help shake it up a bit if one gets to be a bit too boring.  Ullrey's is pretty techno; but so far the other one -- DJ Beatsmith -- sounds a bit retro.  I guess it's all about what you want to listen to.  Beatsmith's, though, has two to three separate mixes for some of the upper weeks, so I guess you can mix it up a bit.

I originally thought the Ullrey set was designed to get you to 5K in 12 weeks, but somehow I got the information wrong -- it's actually nine weeks!  I'm just going to see how each week goes before I determine if I can really do this in nine weeks, especially since I am still over 200 pounds.  The first 5K I was looking at wasn't until April 18 (with the second in early May), so I have some time to extend some weeks if they don't go too well where I don't feel comfortable or I feel like I'm just hanging on by the skin of my teeth.  It's hard to believe that only doing this three times a week for nine weeks (27 times total) is going to be enough for me to "get there."  I may surprise myself, but at least I have some wiggle room.

For those who may be interested, here are the links to the two podcasts:



The second one also has podcasts for 8K and 10K runs as well, if anyone is so inclined.  ;)

Additionally, there is a link to Cool Running who is behind the Couch-to-5K program.  You can also follow them on Facebook:



  1. Beth, you can do it! I am still a "smidge" over 200 and am doing the C25K for the 3rd time (for some reason, I can't get past week 6 without life getting in the way). Anyway, I just finished W3D3 yesterday. The music makes all the difference to me. If you have an Iphone or Itouch, you can download an app that lets you run to your own music. Anyway, good luck ~ YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  2. Thanks for the confidence, Janet! It's great to hear that you are doing it too. I hate when life gets in the way, but I am at a fortunate point in mine where I'm not raising kids anymore or having to deal with work. I'm only a student (as if that's nothing... taking 18 credit hours this semester, so I'll be wishing I had a full-time job soon), and I am very fortunate to be able to use their gym. I simply have to make the time, which I've been very diligent about.

    Maybe we'll both have stories this year about finally doing a 5K! I just hope the timing of the ones I'm looking at aren't going to be an issue. I doubt I can do the one in May because it's on the 8th and it appears the last day of classes is on the 12th -- too close, with finals and all the crud that's due at the end of a semester. :(

  3. Oh, almost forgot: I don't have an I-anything (lol), but what I like about the stuff from Robert Ullrey, at least, is that it sets a good pace for me. I have yet to check out the other guy's stuff. I will begin week two tomorrow, so maybe I'll change things up a bit and try the other one.