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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I cheated...

I did a C25K practice on a day I was supposed to rest.  :)  I just can't see doing this only three times a week and progressing each week.  I'm back at school full time again, which means I'm back at the gym as of today.  I went ahead and did my practice on the treadmill, and wow, it sure seemed easier!  Granted, it's a flat surface, but having a tv right there to watch and read the subtitles on didn't hurt.  It actually helped keep my mind off what I was doing.

Today was a trip to the store, though, to get some glucosamine-chondroitin to help me with my aching knees.  That's the only thing that might mess me up.

And now about yesterday's fill...  I'm STILL pretty tight.  Drinking my protein shake was almost torture.  I was burping all through class as it seemed to drip-drip-drip from my stoma into my stomach.  It was misery.  My water went down a bit better, but wow... this is tight.  OH, and my reflux came back last night.  Nice.  About 5:30 this morning I was waking up coughing and sputtering.  Not large amounts of acid, but still...

So another bandster who is also a nurse recommended taking liquid ibuprofen for the swelling; and I think tonight I will take one of my antacids before going to bed.  The liquid Mylanta didn't do a damn thing for me last night.  :(

If there's a silver lining in all of this, it's that I'm not hungry again.  YAY!


  1. Hey, that's something - and the way I see it - is you're usually so on track - you must have been due a day off. Hope you enjoyed the mini-break (from the routine lol)

  2. If your knees hurt after running, have someone look at your form. You should land with your feet under your body and not in front of your body, for example.

    Oh and to make the treadmill as hard as the road, you are supposed to put the incline on 10%. Not that I ever did that. I didn't care if it was easier. :D

  3. Mac, I know I tend to run somewhat forward. I catch myself and revert to aligning my body more upright. It's something I will have to pay attention to. I simply attributed it to being about 225 and running -- though the Biggest Loser people seem able to do it...

  4. I'm sure that Jillian beats anyone who runs with improper form. ;)

    In the beginning stuff is going to hurt but you should be able to recover in a day or two.

  5. Actually, I did the running four days in a row, and as I progressed, I didn't feel so bad. Then again, I WAS taking the liquid ibuprofen because I thought it would help my stomach swelling after my fill. I'm beginning to think the one thing it DID help was my knees. :)