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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Memba that XL Costco jacket?

Well, I think I mentioned when I got it that, though it technically fit, it was a bit snug through the rear and belly section (it's slightly long, with the zipper beginning around hip level).  I could raise it up over my hips and zip it and then pull it down over my hips and belly.  It FIT, but I wouldn't have sat down in it while zipped!  lol

Well, last night I kind of noticed -- though tonight I made note -- that when I slid it down over my hips, there wasn't any resistance like before!  It's not the type of material to stretch, so I know it's not that.  So even though the scale hasn't moved, there IS a shift.  YAY!

Which reminds me, I NEED to take new measurements to start out this year (even though we're almost in February).  Since classes started two weeks ago, I also resumed the gym.  I need to use ALL my resources to keep me from freaking out when the scale keeps showing me from 221 to 225.


  1. NICE NSV!!!!! Whoooo.. that's fantastic Beth. Seriously. I love it when a piece of clothing is tight ...and then, it's not.

  2. Thanks, Cara!

    Well, after taking my measurements, I can't figure out how it fits better. I thought stuff was moving, but the tape measure says otherwise. Oh well, I'll take it. :)