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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I must have thrown away over $500

I was looking around for my Nexium to help me through the night with my reflux, and I went into the cabinet where I had all my supplements and diet aids from back when.  Hubby tonight was asking me when I was going to get rid of them, and I told him I would -- I just hadn't thought about it.  Well, the search for my Nexium got me started, and I pulled out all the expired and bad stuff.  There was a compilation of every type of diet aid, miracle pill, supplement, and potion you could imagine.  And usually more than one bottle of each one.  Of course all their dates were bad (but I wouldn't use them now anyway) so they went into the garbage.  It was kind of a release to know I don't have to be "that person" anymore, but at the same time it was SO disheartening to try to wrap my mind around how much that stuff represented in sheer dollar value.  Ugh, all the supplements and miracle pills I've bought over the years could probably have paid for my surgery.


  1. You, me and the rest of the overweight world!! I think we try them all. I would think it would a great cleansing experience.. out with the old.. and well, never to be new again!! (tablets and such.. that make sense? Probably not lol) Go you for doing a huck-out!!

  2. I often think about the money I have spent on all the diets and diet plans. But, that was the past and has no place in our new Healthy lifestyles :)

  3. Y'all are SO right. I don't even know why I held onto that stuff. I know I have more in a box that I brought home from work because I kept some there too.

    Cara -- I LOVE your lingo! "Huck-out" sounds great. :)