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Monday, January 18, 2010

Now I know why it felt like I could eat a Vespa

I went in for my fill today and was complaining that I had been hungry since my last fill on December 22.  My doc said we'd take care of that today.  Okay, great, but did I loosen up that much or is something going on?

He proceeded to tell me that he had some training recently in which it was said that it's best to fill based on gauging how the patient responds to the fill as opposed to literally knowing numbers.  As in how much is inside our band.  As in it's completely unknown.  The theory was taht to remove all the fluid and then refill the band again causes some pressure changes that can create problems.  Technically it sounds like it makes sense, but WTH??

So... when I went in on December 22 I was at 4.2, down from 5.2 a couple weeks prior when he removed some due to my reflux.  On the 22nd he said he put IN .4cc, which would bring me up to 4.6.  Apparently that wasn't the case.  When he removed what I had in my band today to see where I was at, I was at 4!!  As in DOWN .2cc from my last visit!!  Not cool.  Not only was I hungry all month (and had the weight gain to show for it), but I'm a self-pay since my insurance changed early last year -- which means that all this dawdling not only wastes weightloss time for me, but it costs me.  I think from now on, when I go in for a fill and say I'm at a comfortable spot, I'm going to make him re-check to see that we did what we actually think we did.

So today's fill was a full cc, bringing me up to 5cc... I think...  It's hard to know for sure anymore o_O.  Without a doubt, 5.2cc was a sweet spot for me, because I went for such a long time without hunger.  I think 5cc ought to do well by me without causing me the troubles it did at the end of last semester.  Now here's hoping giving me a full cc full doesn't cause me problems on the front end.


  1. Gawd. Don't you just love it when you find out stuff like this.. the loss of fill! On the plus side, with a nice whack in now, you're good to go. Happy weight losing!

  2. Thanks, Cara. Problem is, tonight I couldn't even eat my cheddar cheese soup. I guess it barely qualifies as a liquid, so I won't freak out just yet. :)

  3. Gosh, I hope you haven't got a leak in there. is it possible that your doc is a bad filler and he is missing the port some of the time? That happens, too.

  4. No, he said last fill he did, he only went by what he saw in the fluro. I am beginning to think he's just a bad fill doc at times and has screwed up in his math. :(