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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Zumba kicked my ever-lovin' butt!

Well, I ramped up my exercise a bit yesterday.  I again found myself at school on a Monday where I had about three house between classes, but I wanted to do things a bit different.  So I spent the first 35 minutes or so on the elliptical and then took two classes back-to-back.  The first one was a 30-minute class called ABC (Abs, Butt, and Core), which was then followed by a class called Zumba.  Apparently this is a whole phenomenon that I have not been aware of, and I think I know why -- because it's an ass-kickin', sweat-makin', heart-thumpin' dance-style workout that incorporates Latin-inspired moves that are gorgeous to watch when people who are thin and coordinated and have cute butts do it.  Sadly, however... I ain't that girl.  Nothing like trying to shake it this'a way and the blubber is counteracting that'a way.  o_O  Holy moly, I was a MESS!  It was like watching Jell-O during an earthquake.

I don't know if I should go back or not as I probably embarassed myself beyond words.  Red-faced, sweating like a pig, can't do the moves, lookin' ridiculous... yeah, gimme more of that, right?  But I DO see that, for three easy installments of $19.95, I can experience the excitement of Zumba in my own basement.  I'm thinking about it for when we get the floor put down between semesters later this month.

[link to a version of this program] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDXmi4icBW4


  1. lol I so hear you with this.. I have been contemplating something similar - dance classes - I mean it sounds wonderful in theory (loved the visual with the skinny people who know the moves part too lol) but can average Joe like you and me do it.. ooh now there's a question. Maybe practice in your basement then go out and dazzle everyone when you have those moves down.

  2. It's more than "average Joe" for me -- it's more like the fat girl version. :D

  3. Beht..I say screw it and do it !! Who cares if the fat girl is red faced at least she's in there do it and showing the skinny ones how a true woman with curves get it's done !!!