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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BAD PB, feeling sick

Whoa, Nellie, bad night! Hubby has been eating a lot of these breakfast burritos from a place here and asked if I wanted any. They're not HUGE, but more than I would eat, so I asked for half of one. I ate it and almost immediately got the burpy/bubble/swallow thing going that told me it wasn't going down quietly. o_O

I THOUGHT I could save it, but no, it was up and out not long after I finished. However, I guess because it was somewhat cheesy, it did not come up very easily. Not only that, it didn't come up in one episode. It took three.

Is it possible to PB more than you ate?? o_O Cuz it sure seemed like it.

Not long afterward, I felt somewhat sick. This one got me a bit nervous. I sure as hell don't want any band slippage.

This is one of those times I'll be taking it easy for a while and doing liquids. I was planning on going back on the five-day pouch test again if only because I've started experiencing reflux at night when I'm sleeping. It's not acid, but it's been waking me up, choking me (though I've been sleeping higher and higher on pillows) for a little over a week now. I haven't had a fill in a while, so I know it's not due to anything like that. Maybe I'm too tight, but it's hard to tell since my last fill was in either June or July. Stress from all the school work? I don't know... I figured if I did the pouch test, it might settle things down.


  1. EEK! I must say this is the one thing that worries me - the whole reflux thing. I hope it sorts.
    Been there also - the triple (and quadruple PB) not pleasant - in fact really horrible. Had one yesterday - had four small squares of chocolate and OMG it seemed to come up and come up like I had eaten a block. What's with that?

  2. It's like it grows inside us. lol Today I'm taking it easy... liquids, soups, etc. Was a bit tight this morning. Took Mylanta last night and it seemed to do well.