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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Down one size, but it's not what you think

I got some gorgeous earrings for my anniversary (yeah, I know... don't know the story there, especially since we were fighting on our anniversary), and they were so expensive it made me really think about finally gettingg a jewelry rider on our homeowner's insurance.  I have an appraisal for the earrings, but the ones I had for our wedding rings are 16 years old, and I have another ring (one of those three-diamond types they typically call the past, present, and future) that I put together from an old engagement ring and two diamonds from his grandmother's old wedding rings which I have no idea the value of.  This particular ring, however, was also too big and, especially since it's wintertime here, it tends to twirl all around my finger -- which means I don't wear it now.  So I'm getting it re-sized along with the appraisal.

Well, I have on a ring that I've almost never been able to wear since I got it because my fingers were just too big, but lately I am able to wear it.  It's on the finger that the three-diamond ring would normally go on (ring finger, right hand).  I gave this ring to the girl behind the counter and said I needed the other one sized to this one's size.  Omg, ONE WHOLE SIZE.  The ring was a 7, and I now need it in a 6.  That's a lotta fat in one's finger to go down an entire size.  And the thing is, when I was thin, I wore about a 4 1/2 to 5.  Maybe one day...  :)

Kind of a non-scale victory, but I'll take a small size anywhere in ANYthing.  :)


  1. That is a great NSV!! I am counting the days until I can wear my wedding rings again! I haven't been able to wear them for 2 years!

    Happy New Years!!

    Debi: hawaiiboundbandster.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks, Debi, and Happy New Year to you too!

    My wedding ring was another story. I was aobut 230 when we married, and it was snug. Not too tight, but snug. Obviously it needed to fit in order for him to put it on my finger. What happened is I ballooned up to about 290 and I couldn't get it OFF. It wasn't cutting off circulation or anything, but if I was ever robbed at gunpoint, I'd be a dead woman because they weren't coming off. So my previous NSV (though I don't recall writing about it) was being able to take it OFF. The lady today asked if my wedding ring needed to be sized too, and I said no, it fits just fine right now. lol

  3. Great, great NSV - I love it now I am transferring my rings from the original spot to the smaller finger - and within a bit - you will be doing just that too!!!

  4. Well, I had my index-finger rings that just didn't fit (and were a bit too big for other fingers) -- so I had quite a few I just couldn't wear. It's like going into your closet and finding clothes that haven't fit in years and being able to wear them again, except on your fingers. :)

    And look at you in that summertime photo! We're expecting more snow, ice, and freezing rain tonight into tomorrow. Ugh.

  5. great NSV! I am waiting to get closer to goal before having my rings sized, I have a way to go yet. Great job!

  6. I thought about that... but I got this ring done at my heaviest, so that means I'd have a while before I could wear it. It was only $25 to go down one size, and whenever I make it to goal, I figure it will be only one more size and another $25. As it is, if I went in and had the ring resized two sizes, I think it cost about the same, or close enough to it that I did it now so I can wear it now.