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Friday, December 4, 2009

Possibly time for a slight unfill

For about two weeks now, I've been experiencing reflux while I've been sleeping.  I had reflux once after a too-tight fill, but that lasted almost 24/7; however, this is different.  It's usually only at night, and it's been flooding me to the point where I'm waking up hacking and coughing, feeling like I'm drowning.

I'm not sure what may have caused me to be too tight since nothing has really changed... I haven't had a fill since I think June, so what may be causing it to be too tight six months later?  I don't know if it's stress related due to school or what.  Somebody I know mentioned that she had the same problem and was glad to find out it wasn't a slip.  A SLIP??  I wasn't even thinking about a slip!!

So the doctor gave me the choice of coming in today between surgeries he's performing or waiting until Monday.  I think I'll take today, thankyouverymuch.  I don't think I can handle another night of this.


  1. Argh! This is one side of the band that really freaks me out.. how strange it's acting up for you now. Hope the small unfill does the trick - waking up with that sounds just awful.

  2. lol my verification word? Doctur.. maybe it was a karma sign for you going in and getting the unfill.. hmmmm

  3. Actually, I didn't get an unfill. He gave me an acid blocker and, believe it or not, thinks I might actually need a slight fill. He wants me to try the acid blocker and come back when my finals are over (I scheduled the 22nd) to see about a little fill. Interesting, eh? My symptoms showed I was either too tight, too loose, or suffering from stress or a hormonal issue. o_O