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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Okay, dangit, this is getting old...

The reflux I was talking about late last week responded to the Protonix my P.A. put me on.  And then it stopped.  o_O

Friday through Sunday, I slept great.  But starting Monday night and since then, I've been having the same exact issue -- even ON the Protonix (twice a day, mind you).  Granted, I'm not experiencing the same amount of reflux, but still... it's enough to wake me up numerous times a night.  However, it's weird -- it doesn't seem to be as much acid as it seems to be saliva.  I'm not sure what that's all about.

I called the office the other day to ask what I should do.  They said I could either come in for a slight unfill, or I could simply try to just deal with it until finals are over next week.  Since I'm self-pay, it's not really worth it to me to pay for an unfill just to turn around and get another fill later on.  I'm already scheduled for the 22nd for a potential slight fill.

I got a new Sleep Number bed the other day (a bed I've been wanting for nearly a dozen years) and I haven't even really been able to fully enjoy it because of the damned reflux.  :(


  1. Well.... that stinx! I hope your reflux issues go away soon! I had bad reflux before I had the LB surgery, my doctor did a fundoplication procedure with the band, and a HH repair, so reflux is no longer a problem, but I certainly remember how bad it was! Get better soon!

  2. I too suffer from this, however, I have been on Prilosec OTC every night for a couple of years & for the most part, it has kept me in control. When it does flare up, I sleep with one of those inexpensive wedge pillows to help elevate my upper body & it really helps.

    I did have the Hiatal Hernia repair done in the Surgery & I was told by my Surgeon to take the Prilosec OTC every night for 30 days. But I am not sure if I want to go off them even then, because I take sooo many prescription medications that can cause these kind of problems.

    Anyway, glad to hear that you got a new bed. The Sleep Number Bed is one that we might consider for the future. We currently have a Tempur Pedic Bed & I love it, but my DH doesn't sleep as well on it, which is why we might switch to a Sleep Number so we can set our individual settings. Anyway,

    Happy Holidays

  3. Thanks for your comments, y'all.

    I too had a hiatal hernia repaired when I went into surgery. Since then, I have had NO issues with reflux except for once when my doc filled me too tight. My doc and I both believe this is stress-related due to finals coming up this week. I thought I could make it to the end of school, but that didn't happen. Went in for a slight unfill today.

    I don't have a wedge pillow, but I've been using THREE to prop me up almost to a semi-sitting position. Each night it has gotten progressively worse, so it's not working. About 5:30 this morning I almost drowned in the stuff... ended up taking a THIRD Protonix.

    Anyway, here's hoping the unfill helps. I'll update.

    Debi - so far I really love the new bed. Unfortunately I haven't really been able to enjoy it fully because I'm so focused on the reflux. I didn't think I'd like the TempurPedic because I really can't stand the memory foam. I had a memory foam topper on my last bed (one that I bought separate for the bed -- it wasn't part OF the bed) and, though I loved it at first, after about a month I really wasn't crazy about it.

    If you like, though, the Sleep Number has a few beds that has the memory foam topper in varying inch heights. One of them even has a reversible foam for EACH side of the bed -- so you could use the memory foam-type and your husband could use the other. It's the i10, I believe.

    That's my commercial for the day. ;)

  4. Whoever you Select Comfort people are, quit posting on my fucking blog. I've removed TWO of your comments now. Bug off!