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Friday, December 4, 2009

Interesting news...

Well, I went and saw Paul, my P.A./fill doctor, and it seems I threw him for a loop.  I went in telling him what was going on, how I was feeling, etc., and at first he thought I needed a slight unfill.  I wasn't happy to hear that and asked how it was that I could have been filled back in July and it was just now giving me problems.  He explained how women have hormonal issues that can cause tightness, blah blah blah.  I wasn't really agreeing.

I added that I was in finals mode and that I figured the stress was a factor.  "Why didn't you say so?" he asked.  Okay, so he was thinking it was a temporary issue and decided to prescribe Protonix.  Then he asked about how I've been doing with food.  I said that I don't often feel hungry, but then I don't really ever feel "full" either, after eating what I SHOULD eat.  I also said that I've had no real problem eating anything.  He asked if the reflux had any residual food with it, and I said no -- which made him furrow his brow and exclaim that he was truly befuddled.  He said that maybe, instead of needing an UNfill, I actually need a fill -- that the acid reflux is a result of being a bit too open, especially since food was not being held in my pouch and brought up with the acid.

However, because I am symptomatic he would rather try the Protonix for right now, let things settle down, and then schedule me for a fill when classes are over.  That worked for me!  I would have never assumed I was in need of a fill, but maybe he's right.  Granted, that will put me on mushies over Christmas, but that's okay.  :)

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