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Thursday, December 10, 2009

W-w-w-w-ow, w-w-w-w-w-hassat?

Omg, I get COLD now!!  Today was a bit blustery, and all I had on over my tee was a zip-up hoodie.  In the past, that would have sufficed, but not today!

So I stopped by the store today to get a new coat.  My old ones are 3X, waaaay too big.  I got the one at Costco last month, but that was relatively lightweight.  I needed something with a bit more bulk.  I lucked out and got an XL on clearance for $29.95!  It's a tad bit tight, but it'll fit eventually.

But yeah, I get cold now!  Whassat?


  1. I've had other WLS people say that they too are cold a lot more, when before Surgery, they were always HOT!!

    I have noticed that I am colder now too, but I am not sure if it is just because the weather has turned & we are trying to not use the heat anymore than necessary or not. But I used to not get this cold. So maybe? I just thought that I would need to lose more than 27 lbs to notice a change.

    Woo hoo for the coo on the fantastic priced coat!!

    Happy Holidays

  2. Oh yeah - I totally feel the cold more and our kind of cold is nowhere near yours in the US! I really feel for you guys there.

  3. Debi - everybody's different, so 27 pounds may have been enough for you to start feeling it. It's odd, because I've been big for about 20 years now, so I was always the sweaty one (even in winter). I was downright FREEZING last night!

    Cara - for 27 years I lived in Houston, Texas, which doesn't get real "winters," but it's a very DAMP chill, which really gets into your bones. The temperature number may not get that low, but the humidity really exacerbates it. Now that I live in the north again (though THEY consider themselves the south here) with snow and wind chills, yeah, it's cold.