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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, all

This time last year I was still on liquids after my surgery.  This year I get to actually eat, though we don't have any family around to celebrate with.  It will just be the two of us, and I'm making my world-famous shrimp etouffe because that's what was asked for.

I'm working hard to get caught up on school work during this week I'm off, so working out is not really happening.  Then again, I've only really been fitting it in on the days I go to school which, thankfully, is three days a week.  I'll survive not doing much this week, though if it gets decent outside, I might have to walk away from schoolwork and go take the dogs for a walk.  :)

I noticed something rather... odd... but nice the other day.  When I get home, almost the first thing I do is rip off the bra.  Well, I got some new tees the other day that fit me better (not billowy like the other ones got), and I looked down after de-bra'ing (lol) and, well... the girls looked... perky...........ish.  Okay, not perky -- let's face it, they'll never look like they did when I was 16, but they didn't have this tired-dog look to 'em.

Okay, I know... a bit too much information probably, but I take my successes wherever I can find 'em.  ;)


  1. lol Talk away.. it's good to see how others are doing. Lucky you with the perky boobs. Mine will never look the way they did at 16 either but after four kids.. ack.. what can I expect.

  2. Hahahaha! You get a COMPLETE break! I only had one child. :) But yeah, I remember when I was fatter, they pointed to the ground. Now they kinda point where they should. :D