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Thursday, November 12, 2009

2s never looked so GOOD!

Omg, I can't believe it, but I hit a new low!  I haven't been able to get below 223.5 since September 2 (and actually have been bouncing up sometimes as high as 226 and then back down to 224, 223.5), but this morning -- 222!!  Can this plateau FINALLY be broken???

I've still been seeing Heather every two weeks, and yesterday she suggested something I hadn't thought of -- a nutritionist, in order to see what I might be doing wrong.  Overall I'm very happy with how I'm eating, and so far every day I've had school, I've gotten there early and done a good workout and haven't missed even once, so my frustration was mounting as to why I wasn't seeing any results from the scale.  What alarmed me was even after a month of exercise, I wasn't seeing it in the tape measure either.  However, I've determined that I won't stop what I'm doing -- SOMEthing's gotta give, right?

On another good note, we are buying the flooring needed to do the basement!  That means that (hopefully) I should have my basement back in relatively short order.  Even if I can't work on it while I'm in school, I will be finished in a month and can do it then -- which will be perfect timing since I likely won't be using the gym that much when school ends.

But omg, did I mention this forever-long plateau ENDED??

*SCREAMING*  I just checked my BMI -- I am now officially "just" obese instead of severely obese!!!  Okay, this day is going down as a very happy day.  :)


  1. WHOOOOOOOOOOO So happy for you, Beth. Bloody amazing news.. and watch those piggy scales keep on moving down! Wonderful!!!

  2. Thanks, y'all! It's feeling good. I think the scale is finally budging. FINALLY!!!!