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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vacations and PBing on ice cream

I'm visiting my folks before I delve into the life of a co-ed at the end of this month, and so far it's going... okay.

No, nothing's wrong on the personal front with the folks. I just slip into that "vacay mode" and do and eat things I normally wouldn't, for starters. Ice cream and tons of pasta are not typically on the menu. Except when I'm away from home, it seems. >sigh<

Add to that the fact that I'm still trying to break in the new Skechers which re-blistered my heels (which took a week to heal the FIRST time they did that to me) and I most certainly have not been able to utilize my time very well.

The good news is, when I prepare my plate for dinner, my dad says, "Is that all?" Um, yeah. That's all. I don't eat a gargantuan heaping mega-plate full of food once a day like he does, so I'm sure a "regular" meal looks alien to him.

However, I don't expect good results by the time I get home. Good news is, I'll probably be so busy with school that I'll forget to eat for the next four months. :)


  1. Somehow I missed a couple of your posts, so I did some reading back... ouch on the blisters. That sounds awful.
    Have a great time with your folks and just enjoy the ice cream while it lasts. You can walk it off with the new shoes when the blisters heal.

  2. Yeah, but can you believe I actually PBed on ice cream a few days ago?? lol It may become hard for me to enjoy.

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