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Monday, August 24, 2009

Enough stress for a small Aboriginal community

Hubby is going into surgery tomorrow for his neck. It's been hurting him for YEARS now, and of course he ignored me when I asked, then told, then INSISTED that he go see somebody about it. Sure enough, two ruptured disks. And omg, ladies, you KNOW how our men get when they have a hangnail. I'ma gonna wanna ask how likely the doctor will be in giving ME some meds for MY troubles. ;)

Add to that the fact that it finally hit home/sank in/the light bulb went off that hubby's work contract ends on September 25. I know he's mentioned it before, but I guess I kept thinking it would be extended. Not to be. It was originally awarded by the government to a "small company," which he was a part of when we first moved here. It has since been bought by a mammoth company which makes it disqualified to continue the contract. So now he's applying for jobs and had an interview on Friday, but we've been through the job-search drama and near-murder scenario before, and I hafta say, he barely made it through with his life. And now we live somewhere that is ten THOUSAND times more expensive. I'm........ speechless.

Because of this, I'm a bit stumped as to what to do for school. It starts one week from today, and here I am, all student loaned out and books bought, maps printed, syllabi coming in via e-mail, parking permits received... and now this. I already asked him what I should do, should I put school on hold and get ANY job? He seems to think it's okay to go forward as planned since I've been so dedicated. Um, 'kay, but will they send copies of my transcript to the box under the bridge that we will have to move to?

And we still don't know what's wrong with my dad. Before I went up for the visit, we were told he had a "mass" that was showing up in his MRI on the left side of his head behind the ear. Total freak-out, no doubt, but an ENT doc seems to think it's possibly mastoiditis, which is an infection. However, though he's been having dizzy spells which have brought him to his knees, he is STILL driving, STILL climbing ladders in neighbor ladies' houses doing things for them, and my mom and I are fit to be tied. The guy's either going to be the death of himself or the death of us. The trick is trying to figure out which one of us he'll kill first. I guess the one rule I ought to insist upon is that he does not drive my mother ANYwhere. Losing both of them at once is certainly something that could be avoided.

I have to laugh or I'd be losing it big time about now.

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