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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hi, I'm an overweight, middle-aged co-ed. How are you?

So I start school tomorow... *tremble* I've been spending all day getting ready, washing clothes, marking books so I know what days I need which books, taking the two syllabi I have so far and transferring the data into a day planner, marking my folders, putting all my pens and pencils in a little pencil bag, etc. Yep, total anal geek. With five classes. And two days out of the week my classes fall over dinnertime. Ugh.

What's worse is that Mondays I have split classes. The first one goes from 1:15 to 4:30, and the second one goes from 7:20 to 10:00. ARRRGGGHHH! So for tomorrow, since I will be on day three of the pouch test, I'll be taking stuff like tuna, egg salad, and salmon cups.

And since the 5-day pouch test has now turned into the 7-day pouch test for me, I'm really looking forward to Wednesday when I can have steak. YUM! :P