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Saturday, August 29, 2009

>insert long LP needle scratch sound here<

Okay, I was rocking along with the five-day pouch test, and then... our neighbors invited us over for dinner at the last minute last night. It was one of those, "Have y'all had dinner yet?" And before I thought of it, I said no. So... the end of day two of liquids and I'm eating. Which I'm guessing messes me up for the pouch test.

I wrote on LBT to see if anybody there has done the pouch test and what they would do -- either do one more day of liquids today and begin soft solids tomorrow, or just plain old start over. So... I've decided to just start over. I may as well. What's one more day of liquids if I was going to do that today anyway?

The one reason I was really looking forward to just going forward with the original plan was because come Monday, when I start school, I'd be on my fifth day and wouldn't have to worry so much about what I did. But now I'll only be on day three, which will mean I'll have to pack some stuff to take with me in a cooler.

Anyway... kinda sucks. But I've gotta say, dinner was mighty good last night: bbq chicken on the grill, grilled onions, grilled poblano and jalapeno peppers filled with cheese, and butter beans. Mighty good. :P


  1. LOL! Nothing like a couple of great gay guys for neighbors. They're really the best neighbors we've ever had. And the one cooks like nobody's business!