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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gonna do me a pouch test

After the week (more than a week now >gulp<) that I've had eating like a total splooge, I'm going to do my first five-day pouch test. Granted, it's really not much different from what I have to do after getting a fill, except it looks like it's five days of ALL protein and no carbs whatsoever.

I know many people have used it to re-dedicate, or rein themselves back in, or even to test their pouch -- sometimes believing it even "shrinks" it back to where it should be.

I don't know about all that, but I do need to get myself back out of vacation mode and start eating well. I didn't have much today (also not good), but a few of my choices were not the best if only because I didn't have many things to choose from. I found myself running last-minute errands before school starts on Monday, and I had to pick DH up from the hospital, so the first thing I stuck in my mouth came from a vending machine inside the hospital at about 2pm. Never a good scenario (I forgot my protein shake, boo).

So tomorrow I'll do this and get my mind and body back on track.

Anybody who doesn't know about it, here is a link:


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