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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sweet spot, perhaps?

Went in for a fill assessment under fluro yesterday, and he's very happy with where things are. He said if anything, if he were to stick a needle in me, it might be to take a teeny bit out. Of course I didn't choose to go under the needle. lol

I was down six pounds from last month, but he was taking my weight at home sans clothing. Of course there, at the surgery center (not his office), it showed about 2.5 pounds more than that. So he put me down at the 229 I was at yesterday morning at home. That was nice. :)

I was VERY careful about 97 percent of the time last month -- logging food (except when I was out of town) and doing absolutely NO emotional eating at all. If anything, due to some heavier-than-normal stressors, I really found myself NOT hungry pretty often and had to make myself eat. I honestly think I would have lost more weight if I had eaten a bit more, especially the last couple weeks. In doing my logging, I was getting maybe 800 to 900 calorie in but expending about 2400 to 2500. The numbers SOUND good, but over tiime it can actually work against you and your body can think you're starving. It's all about finding that balance, I suppose.

On a GOOD NOTE, I am very psyched today!! I have bobbled up and down the same five pounds for THREE MONTHS now -- some of it due to my choices, but some not. Just the scales not responding. But today... today I hit a new low. Before today, my low had been 228.5, but this morning it was 227.5! WOO HOO!


  1. Whoo! Good news on the new low weight! Thats so cool, Beth.

  2. Yeah, it's amazing how one pound can make us feel so good, eh? Nothing like bouncing up and down the same three pounds for three months to make you appreciate it... lol