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Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh, yummy Goobers, why do I love thee?

Of course, the intellectual that I am, I decided to bring HOME the snacks I didn't finish on vacation: Chex Mix and Goobers (economy bag, not just the box) among them.

See, I was so despondent at buying the Brach's brand double-dipped peanuts that I felt the only right thing to do would be to get the REAL thing: Goobers.

I only ate on them one night while I was away but that's only because I was going into sugar shock from all the ice cream... so I was full up. But since I had bought all these things, I felt it was my duty, nee right, to bring them WITH me for nearly 600 miles because, hey, a girl's gotta eat, right? :o|

So today was GOING to be liquids (okay, the whole week if I had my way, just to make up for the damage I've no doubt done), but at lunch the two remaining eggs in the fridge sounded good. Not too bad, right?

But... those were soon followed by Chex Mix, and to counteract all the salt, I needed to sugar up with the Goobers, right?

Holy cow.

It's bad enough that I ate at ALL today after having PBed for 20 miles yesterday, but this is how I "return to normal"?? I'm doomed.

The only good news is it's all gone now, and I have NO plans on buying any more. And I feel blech.


  1. I think we all do stuff like this lol you sound like me. Eating the bad choclate over the weekend so now I'm on liquids.


  2. Yeah, was gonna do liquids today. Funny thing is, I'm fixing dinner and really don't want it. I'll see if I eat anything or just go for a yummy soup or something.

    Vacations really make me look bad. I visit my mom after talking about how well I do at home and then I eat like I've never had a salad in my life. lol

  3. Are the goobers over there like a chocolate covered peanut? I have never seen these here in Australia (but I might have a look around now, cos they look yum!)

  4. Yes, they are, and NO, do NOT succumb to their evil tempting ways!!! :O