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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm as dumb as a box of rocks. Seriously.

The folks took me out tonight to meet a group of people from their neighborhood, and it was a Chinese restaurant whose primary business seems to be buffet -- Chinese, Mongolian-style, and sushi.

Okay, granted I didn't eat ANYWHERE like I used to, I still walked away stuffed. My mouth wants to taste all these goodies but my stomach can't hold them. And I KNOW this. I can't believe I didn't PB or just pull a Mr. Creosote (think Monty Python) and explode all over the restaurant. :)

The good news is I wasn't as uncomfortable as I HAVE been in the past, but still... it was more than a half-cup of food, that's for sure. :(

So... when does it finally sink in? >sigh<

The good news is, either they have not maintained the quality I remember from a few years back, or my tastes have just changed and I can't appreciate stuff like this anymore.

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  1. I think our head still rules more than our stomachs! If we could detach our eyes and plug our noses, maybe we would win more often lol. Good news that you don't like that food so much anymore though :)