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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where's my mojo??

Okay, I was watching this corny commercial on TV here the other day and it got me thinking. It lists a bunch of stuff you can do for fun that costs $3 or less and shows climbing a tree, buying a goldfish, whistling, dancing, etc. The commercial is for $3 lottery tickets. But one of the things it showed was using a hula hoop. I thought, "Hey, a HULA HOOP! That could be fun exercise!" So I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and got the last freakin' hula hoop they had.

So... I get home, and s-p-i-i-n, FLUMP. It drops to the ground. Um, okay. Let's try this again. S-p-i-i-n, FLUMP. It drops to the ground again. Hm. Once more: S-p-i-i-n, FLUMP. What the...? Ok, then, one more time: S-p-i-i-n, FLUMP. Oh my freakin' God, 'sup?? I can barely get it to go around one dadgum time! I used to be able to do it as a kid, so what gives? Is my waist too big? Hips not swiveling enough? Simply have the body movements of an epileptic chicken on crack? I dunno. But now it's a vendetta. I WILL get that thing moving. No, really. I am. Seriously.


  1. lol LOVED!! this post.. what a crack up. I hear you. You ever tried to do a backward flip (when your weight like about 90 kilos) because your young son is doing them with ease and because you remember doing it sooooo easily as a kid. Well, no guessing what happened them. I also went spin... FLUMP flat on my back! ouch! (no injuries incurred.. whew!)

  2. OW, Cara, be careful!

    And sadly, no, I can't relate at all. I never could do a back flip even when I was thin and young. I tried one off a diving board once into the pool and didn't quite make it around and ended up scraping the edge of the board along my back as I plunged into the water. That was the end of that!

  3. I could never hula. Although at work the other day we were trying and I googled a bunch of info and it is a great work out. You probably didnt get a big enough hula. It says there are different sizes and the bigger the hula hoop the easier it is!

  4. Yeah, that could be the issue. I got the only one they had, and of course it's a kid's hula. I was just happy it didn't fit me like a belt! :P

  5. LOL I bought a hoola hoop a couple of months ago. I still give it a try. It still falls. But 1 day....

  6. Mine still falls too. :( Like you, I keep saying, "One day..." lol