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Saturday, May 23, 2009

I forgot one of THE most important things...

Next to childbirth and marriage, what other important day in history should we celebrate? Our BANDIVERSARIES, of course! The 21st (yes, this is my belated recognition) was my 6-month bandiversary, and I didn't remember it until I was having a conversation with my new Weight Watchers leader (different story) this morning. I remembered on the 19th and thought, "Okay, in a couple days I'll be blogging about it." Guess I got too caught up with my new "jeans ass" and my ass feeling as if it was spanked by some overzealous truck driver. Lots of focus on the ass this week. :)


  1. Its alllll about the jeans ass. That is all there is to life really. :o0)

  2. I'm coming to that conclusion, yes! :D