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Thursday, May 21, 2009

My ass hurts -- and not in that fun, freshly spanked way

Omg, I'm reliving my childhood or something. I broke out the bicycle, the first I've had it out in years. I remember riding it once since I've been here, but that was probably three years ago. And it was ONLY the one time.

About 2:00 today I rode about seven miles and came home. Then I went out again at 5:00 and rode another nine miles. Yes, 16 miles!! The nice thing is that the path I ride has half-mile markers, so I know for sure how far I went.

Even though I have one of those bigger seats with the gel pad, it felt like I was riding on a brick. I guess what I need is one of those large, cushy Barcalounger seats. ;)

The last mile of my second ride, I swear I didn't think I was going to make it. My ass hurt like I had been a bad little minx and needed a spanking baaaad, and I was pedaling so slowly that I swear some little blue hair with a walker passed me by and gave me the finger.

I had my cell on me, but just couldn't imagine THAT phone call: "Um, yeah, honey? Can you come get me? Where am I? Uh... at the front of the subdivision. Hello??"


  1. LOL kick ass post (s'cuse the pun!!) Funny to read. I can't wait till I drag MY bike out either.. though have to wait for the storms to pass.. we have just hit winter.. sigh.

    Love the titles of your posts too. You manage to come up with some eye grabbers :)

  2. Boy...all of girls are starting to rock the exercise thing...you, angie, catherine, sarah...everyone except me! SO good for you! 16 miles is awesome!

  3. C'mon, Amy, we're waiting for you! :) Today I rode about 60 miles, but that was on my MOTORIZED bike. ;)

    Thanks, Cara, I have a lot of competition out there, so I have to use bait-and-switch to get people in. I tease them with the title and then slam them with reality. LOL :)