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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We don't give kids enough credit

I feel like I'm reliving my childhood. I bought a hula hoop last week, and today I broke out my jump rope for the first time (yes, it's been in the package for a few years now!). I went outside with the best of intentions, believing I'd be jumping for an hour or two (lol), but wow, 20 jumps at a time and I was really winded. I'd rest for a few minutes and jump again and, whew, gasp, ugh!

Kids make this shit look so easy. Damn ankle biters!


  1. I hear you lol. I have started walking again. I start off at a great rate, think I'm doing great at my "brisk walk" and I have either one or two of my sons basically skipping or surging ahead of me without missing a beat. It's a walk in the park for them. Hurrumph!

  2. I bought one a couple of months ago. I have to have Tracey time me. I jump a minute and then stop for a minute...waiting for my heart rate to return to normal. It beats so fast it must sound like the tone of the emergency broadcasting station.

  3. Good idea, Amy! I've just been counting. First I couldn't do more than 20, but after a bit I could do 40 or 50. So I'll just keep doing it and paying attention to my progress.

    Dash - I hear ya. Kids could run circles around us, and they're not all that active these days. I remember the stuff I used to do when I was young and just try to tap into that.

    I have roller blades I've never used. Don't know how brave I am yet. It's still a lot of weight hitting the ground if I do, and I don't bounce like I used to. lol

  4. I did'nt know you had roller blades! OK, I am planning my next fitness purchase!! You and I can skate the W & OD together! :)
    How did you like our "hillside" mini workout?

  5. Seriously, where do they get all of this energy from? My trainer gasve me a jump rope to do at one of my work-outs and it was ridiclous how hard it was. And considering I'm almost 300lbs (and was over that at the time as it was pre-LB) I have a lot of stamina. But man, I could barely get over that jump rope at all. I don't know how kids do it.