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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Omg, wth??

Okay, remember that I redirected the foodie friend to send DH the online coupons for Papa John's? Well, apparently she did this the other day, and she and DH wrote back and forth about what he was going to order (apparently they were having a great sale based on a hockey game that was won). So I get an e-mail from DH with the Papa John's coupon header in the subject line, and I'm thinking, "What??"

So I open it and it's the exchange between him and the friend, and the final part of this e-mail is his list of what he was going to order last night. Sent to me and her. WHY ME?? Omg, and I'm on liquids right now and can't eat real food until SATURDAY.

I was going to respond to it and ask him, "WTH are you doing?" but I realized that he was already on his way home, so I just deleted it.

Wanna know why he sent it to me?? So he could remember what he wanted on the pizza and had a copy of it sent to me so I could tell him. What a doofus. *eye roll*

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