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Monday, May 18, 2009

I need my basement back

I miss my exercise down there. Of course there's things I can do outside, but still... I'm not doing them consistently enough to be worthwhile right now.

Hubby and I are in the middle of trying to lay some flooring that we removed upstairs when we put down wood flooring. It's that pergo-type snap together stuff. Everything right now is shoved over to one side of the room while we try to figger out what the hell we're doing.

The last ocuple days has been chilly, so that tends to keep you from wanting to go outside. Yesterday I just vegged. Today I tried to wrap up a couple projects I have going which didn't equate to a lot of exercise at all. Tomorrow is another (and predicted to be a warmer) day, so I will promise myself to at least get the dogs out for a walk/run. I've gotta get back into the groove just because I can tend to taper off if I don't cattle-prod my ass. :)


  1. beth I just read half of all your posts! hahaha you seriously crack me up xo

  2. Thanks, and glad you enjoy it. I always loved Erma Bombeck and try to emulate her, though I know I will never be worthy to carry her water. :)

  3. I miss basements! That don't have them down here in Florida. Now you have made me sad :( boooo

  4. We don't have basements anywhere here in Australia, don't know why. They would sure come in handy. Instead we stack everything in the shed. No wonder we can't find anything when we need it. Bring the basement to OZ!! (insert chant!!)

  5. Hehehe, well, we don't have them all over here in the states either. Some places in the south can't have them because the ground is made of clay and doesn't do well with basements. But yes, it's nice -- especially if it's finished off, like ours is. There's even a bathroom down there.