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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Went to a WW meeting today

I used to do Weight Watchers in the past (which ones of us haven't, right?), and I saw that there was a meeting close by my house -- and there is no registration fee right now.

I know I can't really follow the meal plan as I don't intend to try to keep up with their points system, but I thought it would be good to go for the support and meetings. They always had pretty good meetings, from what I remembered, and hey, it's cheaper than therapy, right? :)

So I went today, and it was a pretty good turn-out for a holiday weekend. Afterward I met with the leader and told her about my surgery and my intention for the meetings. I said there was a part of me that didn't want to be deceitful and having them think I was losing JUST from using WW. Kinda like, "Results not typical." She was surprisingly accepting and curious about the procedure, as she had learned about it not that long ago herself. She asked what I couldn't eat, etc., and even thought of a woman who works at the facility that houses their meetings who is about 500 pounds, young, and desperate for something to help her. I gave her my doc's name and the LBT website info since some doctor she spoke to told her she wasn't a good candidate for the surgery. I said she needed a second opinion and to call Dr. Pinnar.

Anyway, I signed up for their monthly pass and will go for the support and good overall info. My leader even offered to recognize me at next week's meeting for the 62 pounds I've already lost, if I feel so inclined to do that. I'll think about it... I mean, I DID lose it, but I didn't lose it on WW, so...


  1. Hey, it doesn't matter how you lost it... the fact is.. you did!! And you will be an inspiration to those who want to lose weight, no matter how they go about it. You might even find you get a few converts.. stranger things have happened.
    Keep up with the great posts. Love to read them.
    Cara :) x

  2. Thanks, Cara. I guess because surgery can be a sticky subject for WW folks, I'll have to tread lightly on that one.

    And I love your comments. It proves to me somebody is paying attention (you too, Amy! lol). ;)

  3. I agree - I don't think it matters how you've lost it - and their program is a good one... this is just one other tool that you chose to use!

  4. Hey I agree with everyone - no one knows how hard it is with a band, its certainly not the "easy weight loss way" but I understand wanting to be upfront about it. I found that if you find a good WW group it can really make a difference. I am thinking of going once a month just to keep my head in the right track :-)