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Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh good Lord, slow DOWN already!

Tried to eat fast to make it to school. Big mistake. I barely got 2 oz. of shrimp in me before I noticed some discomfort, but I thought it was going to be okay. After about five minutes I noticed that wasn't likely.

I went upstairs to change and tried to PB to dislodge it. All I kept doing was creating slime and foam. WTF is it with the FOAM? A couple times I burp-threw up wads of foam instead of the food. I hung around as long as I could but had to get to school. I drove 25 minutes burping and hurting the whole way. And more foam. I had to keep a stash of napkins handy to dispose of it. It's as if when you try to swallow it (if you so dare), it adds to the air issues that are going on inside your stomach.

I figured that when I got there I would try to throw up out in the parking lot (nice, eh?) instead of going in feeling like this. That didn't work either, though a few times I thought it would. I sure made enough spit to make me THINK something was happening.

I went inside (already 10 minutes late) and headed straight for the bathroom. Nothing productive, just more pain, foam, and spit. So I decided to get to class, feeling as if some of the pressure was lessened. I wasn't in my seat two minutes before I had to bolt out the door to the bathroom again. At least THIS time it finally dislodged and came up.

Good GRIEF, when will I learn? Besides being horrible (this episode lasted an hour and fifteen minutes), I worry that I could damage my band. Note to self: Do NOT give yourself any less than 45 minutes to eat, no matter that they want you to do it in 30.


  1. Unfortunately that's how I learned. It's the hard way but it helps to remind you of what not to do. I try to keep a can or bag of almonds in the car for when I have to eat on the go. This way you won't have to hurry and you get good protein.

  2. That's a good idea.

    The thing that really ticks me off is that I had TIME to fix dinner before I left for school. I just messed around with other stuff and got started later than I should have. It was my own dang fault, and that's what really gets me. :(