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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Needed a boost, so...

...I decided to take some new measurements. I haven't taken any since 3/27; and even though it's not a full month since the last time, I wanted to see what's happening. I'm down another 8 inches! WOOT! Now I just wish I had started these numbers back in November when I began this journey because it would show a much greater inch loss.

On top of that, I lost 1.5 of the 2 pounds I gained from that evil Chinese experience. It's amazing how it takes less than an hour to eat and three days to lose the weight as a result of the salt/water gain. Ugh. I think they're trying to take us down, one by one, through their food.

I'm feeling hyped because I have an interview tomorrow at a place I've been trying to get into for some time. They probably have internal applicants as well so I'm trying not to get TOO excited, but still, I'm feeling pretty good and hopeful.


  1. That's crazy how you keep it in such a beautiful little spreadsheet. I too did not take my measurements before surgery. I dont know what I was thinking! I havent taken them now bc...well I am lazy and dont know where the measuring tape is! Argh.

  2. HAHAHA!

    Well, with Microsoft it's easy to make these little chart thingies. Otherwise, don't even ask. Spreadsheets? Pffft. Forget it. It was really very easy, and all I do each subsequent measuring is add another row. All the work is already done.

    I LOVE taking measurements because when the scale is cruel, usually the tape measure isn't. I totally believe in using more than one indicator of weight loss, like the scale: clothes, tape measure, rings getting looser, etc.

    I need to get hold of my doc's office and have them give me the measurements they took of me before surgery. They're not as detailed, but at least it's something.

  3. I need to start taking my measurements! I've been putting it off for too long.