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Thursday, April 9, 2009

C is not just a vitamin

I've been complaining about my bras here lately, feeling like they just seem too big in the cup. So today, after my fill, I went by Avenue (where I got the ones I FINALLY found that I like that gives support and doesn't shove them under my armpits) and tried the same one in a C cup. Omg, that puppy FIT!

'Course it sucked that they had a 2 for $40 sale and, in order to get the benefit, you had to buy two... and I could only find ONE. But thank God for online ordering because I not only ordered two online, but I did a Google search for a coupon and found a 25 percent off my order! I ended up getting them cheaper, even with shipping, than I had I bought them at the store.

Hey, I'll take my NSVs wherever I can! :D

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