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Friday, April 10, 2009


I just downloaded my GoWear Fit, which is the first I've done this in the last few days. Originally I was doing it daily, but since I came home from South Carolina on Wednesday and was away from the computer all day, I didn't do it. Then again yesterday, I didn't do it.

Today I worked in the basement laying laminate flooring, so I got some good results on my calorie burn, but I decided to look at the last few days' results as well. I am flabbergasted by what I saw.

I exerted the most calories to date on Wednesday -- the day I was driving for nine hours and then went to school for three hours! My target calorie burn for each day is set at 3250, with the result being if I can do that every day for a week while only taking in 2250 (with a deficit of 1000 calories), I should lose two pounds each week.

Okay, so what gives?? I literally exerted more calories DRIVING than I do when I work out for an hour? REALLY??

Oh, AND it showed 81 minutes of "physical activity!" Is this thing broken? This makes absolutely no sense to me.

Here is the chart:

Is it possible that we exert more calories than we think when doing something like driving? If it wasn't for the fact that this thing is supposed to be pretty dang accurate, I'd be thinking it was broken or something. Maybe I need to find out more about stuff like this, things we may do that we exert more energy doing than we ever think.

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