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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I am so excited!!

I was on LBT the other day and was in the area-specific section, and I noticed a number of people are in my town. That got me thinking that it would be great if the half-dozen or so of us could get together and meet, maybe network, and just overall support one another.

One of the ladies got hold of me via PM and, long story short, she lives right around the corner from me!! Omg, I couldn't believe it!

We met yesterday (she was a doll and brought me some of her clothes that don't fit anymore), and we really clicked. She was banded in April, so she has already had some of the experiences I am sure I will have. I kid you not, our interests are so alike that she is more like my sister than my own sister! We are close in age, like to sew, LOVE horses, and a bunch of other stuff that one would say something and the other would say, "ME TOO!!"

So now we each have an ass-kicking partner, somebody to understand the other and what we're going through, somebody to help the other out if they're not quite feeling up to walking the dog today... but so much moreso than just having an exercise buddy. It's SO exciting for both of us. Since moving here, it's been hard to really find somebody I clicked with, and I know she said the same thing too after having moved from out of state.

Anyway, that is one helluva NSV for me. We're gonna get together today and she's going to make me one of her famous high-protein shakes. I can hardly wait! Gotta get homework done so I can go out and play. LOL


  1. That is just awesome ! i have met some awesome friends on LBT and other band forums ! Some that i will have forever ! They are just great.
    Congrats and I can see how excited you are !

  2. I know, it's SO exciting! And to be so close, too! I could nearly throw a rock and hit her house (not that I'd do it, mind you! lol).