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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day three of pre-op liquids

Okay, still doing well. I've been trying a bunch of different stuff that we got at Trader Joe's yesterday, from powders to canned protein drinks to simple chicken broth and butternut squash soup.

Still doing amazingly well. I've been keeping under 50 grams of carbs (though got close yesterday with 45), and the weight loss is still happening -- another 2 pounds this morning. Not as huge of a drop as yesterday's 4.5, but hey, I am NOT complainin'!

Tried a Kefir milk today with a chocolate protein powder. Hmmm... interesting taste. At first I thought it had gone bad, even though it doesn't expire until January. It had a kind of sour taste. It worried me enough that I looked it up online to see what the taste is. Some people said between buttermilk and sour cream. Ah, okay. Then this is normal... *gulp* I added a Splenda and two ice cubes to the mixer and it's very do-able.

I ordered more UnJury packets yesterday, so I should have them by Tuesday. I like the chicken soup one very much. Besides, when I eat warm things, I feel like I'm really eating. It's a bit hard to drink down these cool shakes at the beginning of winter.

I've done without coffee, but have replaced hot tea here and there to warm up and get in some warm liquids. So at this stage, the fact is it's not as bad as I had worried that it would be. Besides that, I promised myself I will NOT complain. Being fat is much worse than any discomfort I will go through now and in the near future. I want this bad enough that I will not "cry" about it. And thankfully I have this blog to remind me of this on the days I feel like I will crawl out of my skin. :)


  1. You're doing GREAT! I am inspired by your so positive outlook!

  2. Thank you, Z! I feel like I've had enough negativity due to my weight. ANYthing has got to be better. :)