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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day... :(

The only good thing I have to say about today is that we are not spending it with family. I think I would just die if I had to sit there with all that food around and I could only smell but not touch. The closest thing I will have to a Thanksgiving dinner will be chicken broth and perhaps a vanilla protein shake with a blob of pumpkin and cinnamon added. *sob*

I feel just as sorry for hubby since he is missing out because of me. He's being a helluva sport about the whole thing, though.

It looks like by Christmas I will be able to eat, so that's good. Finally starting to feel a bit more normal, but I am getting the "shakes" like I get when I'm sick and don't eat or drink enough. Luckily I've been doing great with my water -- have been getting in 7-8 glasses a day, which is the minimum. But I have been doing this since the beginning, so that's definitely a plus in my favor.

Tuesday is my post-op check-up. As of today I am down 16 total pounds since I began the liquid diet. YAY! Of course right now I know it's because I'm starving. LOL


  1. I was with ya on Thanksgiving. I got filled on Tuesday, so I had my "liquid dinner" while my husband, daughter and MIL had ham. It's all for the better us, right???

  2. Yes, it is... and I promised myself I wouldn't complain. :(

    The good thing for me was I didn't have to watch others eat while I could only sip. No family here, and hubby was so sweet, he didn't eat anything. He says he's lost at least 5 pounds so far! Of course I told him I hated him... cretin lost it so easy! lol