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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Something to commemorate my journey

I wanted to do something that would, for me, mark the beginning of the new me.

A couple Sundays ago, I went to a tattoo parlor and go inked. I already had a tattoo from years ago (hidden), but this one is right there for me to see, to remind me.

I realize that even though I will have the band, I will still require making good choices and maybe even some willpower.

I found a tattoo that I liked that said, in Chinese: God give me strength. I wanted it on the inside of my right wrist (my eating hand, lol) to remind me. Sadly they couldn't do that in the small area I wanted (couldn't shrink it down enough), so I went with a simple Chinese symbol: BELIEVE.

I pray that it will help me remember what I am doing, where I am going, and where I came from. It will stare at me every time I pick up a fork or put my hand to my mouth.

I know it's a bit drastic for some, but for me, this commemorates the new me that will come out of this journey.

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