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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twas the Night Before Surgery...

Okay, I thought I would post each night that I was on liquids, but frankly, it was the same-old same-old. LOL Didn't really start getting the hungries until yesterday, so I guess that's not too bad.

Haven't lost beyond the 10 I lost in the first three days, but that's fine. I know the old bod is in shock getting so few calories and all. I will have my last shake tonight just before midnight since I can't have anything after, and my surgery is at 2:30pm. Ugh... The meds better be worth it cuz I'ma gonna be a bear. :)

It's like it's finally sinking in. Tomorrow is the day. It's my last fresh start. So to commemorate this new phase of my life, I have to say goodbye:

Well, it's been fun. Scratch that. Actually it hasn't. I may as well be real.

I'm saying goodbye to the me I see in the mirror. I'm saying goodbye to fat clothes, stretch pants, sweats, red face, panting while walking, aching joints, and feeling out of place at most functions, or simply feeling invisible. I'm saying goodbye to hating myself and being uncomfortable in my own skin. I'm saying goodbye to feelings of inadequacy due to my weight (the other stuff will be dealt with, however), and, let's face it, a difficult sex life.

I'm saying hello to the person I was meant to be, hello to regular clothes, walking without discomfort, tying my shoes with ease (!), and dancing! I'm saying hello to a healthier me, one that loves and forgives herself for not having been perfect and never going to be perfect. I'm saying hello to swinging from the chandeliers with my husband and maybe even buying that naughty nurse outfit I never had the nerve to try before.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the rest of my life. Goodbye, old me. A newer model is coming down the pike.

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