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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Half-assing it

Okay, what the hell is my problem?  I have not yet really gotten back into the swing of diet and exercise since the first of the year.  First it was the flu which started on January 3.  I took it easy for about 10 days and just started back to working out last week, doing really well Monday through Thursday.  Friday, a girlfriend came over, and we fixed drinks and had pizza.  Saturday, nothing.  No food logging, no exercise (though Saturday has been set aside as my day off).  Sunday, I was going to go to kickboxing, something that I haven't done in FIVE weeks now, but I decided to sleep in and not go.  Again, no exercise or food logging.  Monday was a holiday, and again, no exercise or food logging.  Tuesday and today I have been home due to the heavy snow and cold.  Yesterday, no exercise or food logging.  Today has been the same, though technically the day is not lost, so long as I don't MAKE it a loser.

At this rate, my FitBit is an expensive bracelet.

I don't know I'm in some sort of funk or if it's that I don't have a "goal" like I did last year when I was needing to fit into a dress, but I've GOT to get back on track.  I was 0.2 pounds away from 100 lost, and THAT should be incentive enough -- to get into that "more than 100 pounds lost" category.

It's time for me to put on my big girl panties and get back on the wagon before the damn thing runs me over.


  1. OMG that pic... totaly funny! Yes, big girl panties. I was complaining about ht sam thing - and ga riend gave me some god advice do one more thing a week that I like to do - extra laps in the neighborhood with the dog - long bath... break that funk!

  2. YAAAY, I worked out tonight! I came home from work and didn't want to -- which is exactly why I did it. :)