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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I added a Fitbit Force to the family

I've had it since last Thursday now, but I'm still checking things out and seeing how it works.  Yesterday I slowly got back into exercise after having been away for a few weeks (two weeks were a self-imposed break, and one week was due to the flu), and I logged the minimum 10,000 steps I have the unit set for.  Today I did my kettlebell routine, and I can't really say I'm impressed with the calorie expenditure it logged.  It actually gave me a higher calorie spike when I walked to my car than what I believe I expended during my workout.  For all this time, I've been logging kettlebell workouts pretty high as everything I've found online says you use about 850 calories an hour.  It may take a bit of tweaking to get this to register correctly.

So far I don't know if I'll use ALL the functions for it as I do that on LoseIt! online.  I don't want to duplicate anything, and since my Fitbit doesn't sync with my phone yet (they sync with some Samsungs but not mine), I would have to log everything from my computer later.

Anyway, here's to adding this little tool to my routine to see how I do.  :)

*** 1/15/14 Update

I used a treadmill at the gym today to do what I call a walk-run (two minutes of each, back and forth for 28 minutes, then a 5-minute cool down).  The treadmill had me at 285 calories burned at the end of my workout.  I synced the unit with my computer and then added the calorie burn during the time I exercised and it came up with 286.  That's close enough to be impressed!  I may have to research to see if there's a way to make it a bit more sensitive during certain types of exercise like my kettlebells.


  1. Glad I found your blog! I've been thinking about buying one of these but was unsure about it. i have a polar ft40 but it's kind of big and clunky and want something a little smaller! Thanks for the info! :)

  2. Glad you found me! Hope my info helped, though I'm still new at it. :)