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Sunday, January 12, 2014

People who hate fat people are asses

There's a huge back story here that I won't get into, but my eyes were opened wide yesterday about somebody whose blog and FB page I've followed for just over a year now.  In order to make sense, I have to give a tiny bit of the back story, so here it is.

Two women run a blog I follow that's political in nature.  One poster on that blog is a guy who mentioned some months back that he has an unnatural disgust of fat people.  I mean, he was downright vile about his comments over the months.  What made it worse was that the two women who own the site never moderated it.  Even when we told them that this guy would call women on the site "c*nts" and other horrible names, nothing was done.  However, other folks had been banned for bad behavior, but not as bad as THIS guy.

So, there was a big blow-up in a Facebook group today over this, a group that these women are also members of (I say this to say that nothing was said behind their backs).  There was a long thread talking about this guy and wondering why they let this idiot stay there and say the things he does.  One of the two women came on and, instead of taking ownership, pointed fingers at an entire "room" full of folks.

What makes this interesting, however, is that one of the two women (the one who went on the attack) has her OWN separate blog, and some of my friends had turned me onto a keyword she uses:  "landbeast."  Yep, landbeast.  This is what she calls fat people, y'all.  Not only does she call fat people landbeasts, but she had 13 pages -- PAGES -- of posts dedicated to mocking fat people.  So, if you put in the keyword "landbeast" into her blog's search feature, it pulls every single one, and each page had probably five to seven posts.  So, when I say pages, I mean lots and lots of posts mocking fat people. 

I decided to call her on it on the political blog she shares with the other woman.  And, I placed it on the thread she had written saying that women have self esteem issues because people like Robyn Lawley (I discussed her below) are called plus sized.  I said,
"Actually, [link to 13 pages of landbeast posts] this is ALSO why women have self-esteem issues. I think I see the problem... and why the disconnect. Wow...
She replied with:
This is the dumbest thing ever.

Yes, by all means, take a look at who I call landbeasts, and you'll notice that first and foremost, they are shameless, idiotic morons who display themselves in ways even I, at a size 2, would never consider.


I love, seriously truly love, a lot of overweight people. In fact, many of them LOVE the landbeast section of the [blog name], because they're every bit as mortified by the people who are highlighted there as any other person should be. They get it. They know I don't have a personal issue with obese people. They know I have an issue with idiotic morons, who are featured prominently all over that site no matter what size they are.

And when your argument consists of you needing to search a totally unrelated site, to dig into posts from 2011, well, then you pretty much have no argument.
Now, many of these people never promoted their photos.  Hell, many didn't even know photos had been taken of them, much less posted online!  Somebody posted them, yes, but many were taken of people, very obviously unbeknownst to them.

So, not only does she mock fat people, but she justifies it.  You know, cuz she's a "size 2," and they're just asking for it.  What disgusts me is that I met these women this past summer, so we're not just faceless, nameless entities.  But hate of fat people seems to be the last allowable sin.


  1. True, but shame on you for pointing out her bigotry. She's a size 2 and she doesn't have to take it, plus they deserve it dontcha know. Ugh! She's a common name for a female dog.

  2. Yes, she sure is. You know, people get a strange sense that if it's behind a computer screen, they can say whatever they want. Would she point and mock somebody in person? No, she chose instead to be a coward and do it passive-aggressively from the comfort of her living room.

  3. Is it wrong to hope that Ms. Size 2 gains 50-100 pounds and has to walk a few steps in our shoes? I would think that everything this woman posts is suspect. How can anyone trust the opinion of someone with no compassion for fellow humans or manners for that matter? I would rather be fat than have no soul.

  4. She is part of a political duo who had a meet and greet over the summer, where a number of us (their "followers") met them. I could tell upon meeting that this woman probably lost about 15 pounds from the photos of her I'd seen. She actually almost looked TOO thin. The sad thing is that she has a special-needs child. Would SHE like it if people did to her child what she's doing to us? I don't think she would. But is it wrong to hope she gains that? Not on your life! :)