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Sunday, January 5, 2014

So... a new year

I never intended for so much time to go by without writing, but two days after my last post, all hell broke loose at work with my bosses.  Without going into detail, let's just say there are some things that need clearing up, and they were both out of the office for over two weeks and not available to talk to in order to figure out what the hell happened.  Actually, tomorrow is likely the first time we'll all be together since it happened, and I'm a bit nervous as to how to deal with things.  It was so upsetting that I literally was in a depression past Christmas.  Well, that and spending the holidays alone, and I was a mess.  I essentially "took a break" from logging and exercising.  I know it's the wrong response, but I did it knowingly and intentionally, with every intention of getting back on track after the 1st.

Now I sit here with the flu, after a temperature of 103.2 on Friday night.  Luckily, it hit over the weekend, if there IS good news in reference to the flu.

Add to that the fact that I've been on a few dating sites for a couple months now, and things aren't going great.  I can either choose my loser or somebody else's loser.  It also doesn't help that I haven't dated in 22 years, and apparently things have changed quite a bit -- like talk of sex by date two.  Um, no.  Date one only got two dates out of me when, on the second date, as we were sightseeing, he swatted my butt a couple times as he helped me out of the car.  The fact is, I didn't like him enough to look past it anyway.  Date two got as far as THREE dates (even though he grabbed my boob and talked about "wanting me" on our second date).  The third date was at his place (his son was there, and he knew that everyone I knew was aware of where I was), and he fixed some great grilled chicken.  However, he started "getting all excited" again and told me how he wanted to make love to me.  Yeah, I bet he did.  I said that what I had was pretty damn excellent, and there was no way I was giving it away for a chicken dinner.  I then found out through my "resources" that he has a criminal history, so that sealed the deal.  Date three Never. Shut. Up. for 3 1/2 hours, and most of that talking was about himself.  Never asked a thing about me.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Even if he had, he was a snoozer.

I told my mom the other night that I went from a husband who found NO value in having sex with me to a bunch of nobodies whose only value they find in me is sex.  Nice, huh?  I may as well forget that there may be decent guys left out there.

Anyway, as of yesterday, I was at a new low of 189.6, but I can't count it since I hadn't eaten in 36 hours and was very dehydrated after a night of high fever.  I was a pound higher than that this morning, so I won't cheat and count that.  :)


  1. Good for you for getting out there -- but MAN! Those guys sound awful! Also, I'm glad that you're being smart and checking these guys' backgrounds and making sure people know where you are while you are on dates. Criminal record?! Yikes!

    Hang in there -- you are doing so well with your weight, and that's something to feel great about. The dating rut won't last forever -- it's a numbers game -- just go on a bunch of dates and cut loose anyone who isn't worthy.

    Feel better!

  2. Meh, even the dating thing is being done in a "if it happens, great" sort of way. :) It gives me more time to work on me, anyway. And thanks for the get-well wishes. I felt pretty good much sooner than I expected to. Happy new year, my gorgeous friend.