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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This. THIS is why we get so effed in the head, y'all

 This article showcases a gorgeous model named Robyn Lawley, a 6'2" tower of all woman and graciousness.  She rocks a size 12, and -- get this -- she is PLUS SIZE, y'all.  When a size 12 -- much less a size 12 in a 6'2" frame -- can be considered plus size, we're in a world of hurt, ladies.  And we wonder why we hate our bodies and our daughters talk of dieting at age nine.  Walking clothes hangers are held up as the epitome of beauty and health, and it seems that every decade or so, that standard keeps being made smaller and smaller.  Heck, in today's market, Cindy Crawford, one of THE original supermodels, would be considered too big because, hey, "heroin chic" is in.

Now, you tell me -- is THIS plus sized?


Or this?


Or this?

How about this

Why is it we let little prissy gay men tell us what beauty is, especially since they only want to dress women who look like prepubescent little boys?  Because I don't know about you, but I'd about give my eye teeth to look like she does.

Here is the lovely Robyn in an interview with Ellen Degeneres about the life of a "plus-sized" model.  Behold.


  1. It's ridiculous isn't it. That a young beautiful, healthy woman like her could be called a pig. What a shame.

  2. This is why women have self-esteem issues. It's awful. :(