Weight Loss Tracker

Sunday, January 12, 2014


That's all I am away from exactly 100 pounds lost -- 0.2, y'all!  I know, I know, I've technically lost 100 pounds, but since the scale I weighed in on prior to my surgery said 289 and not 289-point something, I'm looking at it as a flat number.  And this morning, I was at 189.2.  This number has been a long time coming.  I actually thought I would hit it months ago, but I plateaued for a while.  Then the holidays hit.  Then I went "on strike" and didn't work out AND ate without logging for a couple weeks.  Then I got the flu.  I'm on the back side of that (only have a very slight cough hanging on and don't want to push it), so I will be incorporating exercise back into my daily regimen again very soon.


  1. Wooooohoooo!!! Congrats!!! That's an amazing goal! A-maz-ing!!!!! :)

  2. Thanks, Tamzin. I'm waiting to be able to finally -- FINALLY -- say 100 pounds gone! :D

  3. Thanks, Barbara. Still kind of bobbling. I think part of it is I'm just now coming back after the flu and still not drinking as much as I should be and possible eating a bit too salty (I made some homemade chicken noodle soup over the weekend which may be the culprit). I did start back to exercise yesterday, though, which made me happy. :)