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Friday, February 26, 2010

Watch out for those little calorie bombs you think are healthy!

As of Monday, I did what I SAID I was going to start with the new year and began logging my meals on my GoWear Fit site.  It's really helped readjust my thoughts on what I'm doing, and I KNOW it will help keep me focused and from going over.

Last night was an eye opener, though.  I have these little sesame bars I bought from Wegmans that are WONDERFUL, healthy (I thought) snacks.  I mean, nuts and grains are healthy in moderation, right?  Well, I went to a nutrition site to get an idea how healthy these bars are based on limited information, I understand, but it was a bit disheartening.

These bars are about one ounce a piece.  As far as I know, they consist of sesame seeds and honey and are hardened to a solid bar.  So I plugged in one ounce of sesame seeds and about a teaspoon of honey (best guesstimate) and those little suckers came out to nearly 180 calories each!  A few weeks back, before I started the liquid diet, I was eating sometimes three or four in a day thinking they were good for me!  WOW!  Now I know one of the reasons I wasn't budging with my weight!

The other little surprise was the flax seed I've been adding to my Dannon fat-free yogurt, another treat I do once a day for the calcium/dairy and because it's a good sweet.  My sister mentioned adding flax seed for the added fiber because it really doesn't add a taste.  I looked those puppies up, though, and two tablespoons (the amount I add) is about 80 calories.  Not that 80 calories is a gut buster, but it seems high for such a small amount of stuff.  :(  And whe you add it to the cup of yogurt (which is 110), plus the few walnuts I toss in for texture (another 30 or 40 calories), you're talking about a 225ish calorie snack!  o_O

Well... I guess so long as I plan for it and leave room in my day OR decide to do 1/2 cup instead, I'll be fine.

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  1. Those nuts can be a killer on the calories since they contain mostly fat calories (9 calories per gram of fat instead of 4 like carbs and protein) but they are healhty fats that is very healthy for your body. My nut recommends including nuts/seeds but to pay a lot of attention to the serving sizes. An ounce of seeds/nuts a day is much better for your body than an extra ounce of simple carbs :)