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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The goddess kicked my ass

I got some new DVDs for kettlebell training to use with my new toy.  One is called the Kettlebell Goddess Workout, and I have only three words -- OH. MY. GOD(dess).

If anybody is into kettlebells (reminder:  I bought a Weider Powerbell in which you can adjust the weight), this looks like it's going to be the whole package.  It shows three different women doing the exercises, and what's nice is each one is holding the kettlebell(s) different than the others so you can choose which way you want to do them.  There are numerous workouts you can choose from depending on whether you want to do cardio or work on specific body parts OR the entire body.  I did the entire body one, and though it was only about 30 minutes, I am REALLY feeling it today.  My butt, behind my shoulder blades, my legs -- feels good.

And the best news of all is that my arms aren't all beat up like the first time I used it.

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